Costs and Pricing

One of the first questions we are asked by potential resident family members is “What will this cost?”

Our costs in 2022 average $85-$120 per day per resident – about the average cost of a good hotel room. And more than a hotel, we provide all prepared meals and 24/7 professional overseen care including addressing basic medical needs, monitoring and individual needs management.

With VA Insurance and program offsets, out-of-pocket costs can average between $2,500-$3,600 per month for our complete basic care. Some of these program offsets include longterm care insurance and donor contributions. Donor families are of course given first priority for placement, but every resident is given the best of our professional care.

Over time, our pricing has remained enormously stable having averaged increases of just over 1% per year over the last 25 years – all as our licensed facility regulatory compliance costs have almost tripled. While government involvement has dramatically risen creating a lot more paperwork, we are still doing things in much the same way as we did 25 years ago, the right way. All for our residents and their families.

Residents and families almost never receive cost increase notices because we make every effort possible to maintain pricing for each resident for the time that they are with us. As such, we utilize donot contributions to offset cost increases of longer term residents. That is because we work hard to ensure the peace of mind of those we consider our family.

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