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Angelcare Homes of Harlingen Texas was first started in September 1997 by Janice Hahn Robinson after working as a Home Health Care Nurse with Valley Baptist Home Health. She recognized the need for a higher standard of assisted living care that included that personal touch, while meeting all of the needs associated with 24 hour personal care in a home-like environment, needs of those that could no longer manage alone. This seemed like a giant step forward from the institutional places where so many former patients seemed to end up.


Our team priorities include the highest quality of food, including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a wide variety of country style cooked meals prepared on site each day in our clean litchens by uniformed staff. Our largest, spacious, private rooms offer the benefits of practical freedom in a protected environment, while our most cost-effective spaces are carefully appointed to ensure the most compatible comfort for all of our residents.

We believe we offer the widest range of accomodation available to meet the needs of almost any reasonable budget, and we work with families to ensure that all considerations are though through before residents are placed.

Costs and Pricing

Our rates are more affordable than you might think. Click below to see our rates.

Angelcare Homes, LLC

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